Dowth Winter Solstice Sunset - 21st December 2015

The Winter Solstice Sunrise is aligned with the passage and chamber at Newgrange and the Sunset is aligned with the passage and chamber at Dowth. After the disappointment of a wet morning at Newgrange, it was wonderful to have good sunshine for the sunset alignment at Dowth.

Entering the chamber at Dowth Megalithic Passage Tomb
Entering the chamber at Dowth Megalithic Passage Tomb - 21st December 2015

Setting sun at Dowth
Setting sun at Dowth - 21st December 2015

Setting sun entering the passage at Dowth
Setting sun entering the passage at Dowth - 21st December 2015

Sunbeam in the chamber at Dowth
Sunbeam in the chamber at Dowth - 21st December 2015

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